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Warrenology Event 12/06/2013

Mike Cahill and Donna St. Jean of our CSSP Team, spent an evening

(along with other guests) visiting with Lorraine Warren and her son-in-law, Tony Spera during their attendance at a "Warrenology" Event. The evening included a lecture, dinner, tour of the Warren's Museum and a visit to the grave of Ed Warren.

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Note:  A strange thing was noted in the series of photos, as they were reviewed regarding  the first photo of Annabelle in her case.  All photos in this series were as taken and upright.  That first photo with Annabelle  appeared upside down.  The camera had not been turned or adjusted as the photos were being taken and no changes made as they were uploaded or viewed.  This puts the cross on  Annabelle's case, upside down as well.  In Christianity an inverted or upside down cross is associated with the martyrdom of Peter The Apostle. The symbol originated as when sentenced to death, Peter requested that his cross be upside down, as he felt unworthy of being crucified in the same manor as Jesus.   In pagan tradition wearing an  "inverted"  cross, represents  the  wearer  working  on their  "inner  self".   In another belief it is thought to represent the demonic and an affront or mocking gesture to the  crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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More photos with comments and detials to be added soon

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