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EVPS -Electronic Voice Phenomena, are sounds and voices appearing on a recording that were not heard a the time of that recording. Some can be clearly heard when the audio files are played back and others are faint and buried in the noise of the recording and require audio enhancement. It is believed that spirits use energy in the environment to manifest and the energy can shows up on audio recordings and also EMF meters which detect electro magnetic field locations and flucuations.

" I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument ought to record something. " THOMAS EDISON


K2 Meter

Spirit/Ghost Box

Some of the EVPs featured on this page are from various client residential and business investigations. We cannot provide names, details or specific locations due to the confidential nature of these particular investigations.

A Spirit or Ghost Box is an audio-only device, such as a modified portable am/fm radio that is set to rapidly scan through multiple channels, creating a way for ghosts to audibly communicate by manipulating a word or phrase over the various frequencies.

This location has been various building types over the many years; home, post office, general store and restaurants. One of the claims of paranormal activity was the sound of children on the second floor. These two EVPs were captured using a ghost box. The first voice comments "Oh god" and then Team investigator Mike Cahill asks "was this a happy house or sad house?" A child-like voice comes through the ghost box responding "SAD".

Local business investigation in the basement : Margaurite sensing a spirit, as she holds out her EMF Meter and asks

"can you see this green light" and receives an EVP response

Residential investigation:

Team members, Margaurite, Mike C. and Chris come downstairs from investigating the upstairs bedrooms of this location and Margaurite is heard saying " back in the livingroom" and then commenting to herself out loud "Margaurite needs to put her glasses on" then a disembodied whisper comes in that seems to say "TELL HER TO GET OUT" then Margaurite comments about one of pet cats, who is in the kitchen.

Can you see this green light EVP respons
Tell her to get out!

This one  provides some validation.  Margaurite asks the spirit present "who do you want to  talk to?"  but hears the word "father" psychically and asks  "Did you  just say Father?"  on playback of the  recorder you can actually hear  "father"

You cut her, didn't you? YEAH

There  is a negative  male spirit present who caused harm to a  female -  Margaurite asks "You cut her, didn't you?"  The  response  is "Yeah"

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