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Martin Park, E. Hartford, CT

On Saturday, October 11th the CT Skull and Spirit Paranormal team and guests, investigated the historical and haunted, Makens Bemont House, the Burnham Blacksmith Shop and the Goodwin School House in East Hartford's Martin Park. This event was a fundraiser to benefit the East Hartford Historical Society.

The CT Skull and Spirit Paranormal team would like to thank Craig Johnson - East Hartford Historical Society, Ruth Brown - the CT Gravestone Network , Diane Church from the Reminder News - East Hartford, along with the rest of our guest paranormal investigators for their assistance and participation.

Although during the investigation, just several potential evps (audio of spirit voices) and no photographic evidence was captured, for the CSSP team and their guest investigators, overall it was an interesting investigation, with "sensitive" members of the CSSP team, Donna St. Jean and Margaurite Carter sensing spirit energy on the site in several places, in the Makens Bemont House, second floor bedrooms and and an usual and very negative spirit that seemed attached to an anvil that was in the basement.

Dan and Mike Cahill


Goodwin School House

Goodwin School House, guest investigator

Sharon Turcotte uses a K2 meter to detect any electro-magnetic field changes.

Photo courtesy of Diane Church - E. Hartford Reminder

CSSP Margaurite Carter walking into the Blacksmith Shop felt a male presence who was only identified as a "dark man".

Blacksmith Shop

Chris Burgess & Donna St. Jean

Photo courtesy of Diane Church,

E. Hartford Reminder

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The upstairs Master Bedroom , Donna St. Jean got the image of a woman rocking a baby in her arms. Both Margaurite and Donna described her as wearing a light grey or pale blue period dress with white lace cuffs and collar. The spirit did not seem cognizant of the investigators and was therefore described as "residual" energy.


The second bedroom - Donna sensed a man who was very ill, kneeling by the bed with this two young children and praying, as he knew he would not live to raise his children. Margaurite felt the same presences at the top of stairs, looking out the window, moving in a rocking motion. This seemed to be the spot that this man would come to, when he didn't want his family to know how sick he was.



The basement investigation was uncomfortable for the "sensitive" members of the CSSP Team. Though the basement is not the original basement of the Makens Bemont House, it had an object in it that did not seem to belong along with the negative energy connected to it. It was an old anvil that would have seemed more appropriate in the Blacksmith Shop. The Historical Society has no record of where it came from or why it was placed in the basement.

Donna St. Jean got the sensation that she was being forced to kneel in front of it by some unforeseen force and experienced a sick feeling and had to leave the basement and go outside. Margaurite could get an image of chains been laid on top of the anvil and a hammer striking them to either forge or break them. Margaurite's partner John, was asked to do down to the basement to get his impression of the anvil and related later, that it came from North Carolina. During a "ghost box" session - the question was asked, "Do you want us to move this anvil" and over the scanning on the ghost box frequencies, a loud "NO" was heard.


2019   Update....


This photo was taken October 2019, as Margaurite and guests took a night  time walk  on the property to share  the past investigations and event history. This was taken by  Margaurite's daughter, in front of the school house, as she had an uneasy and sad feeling.   

It is the  impression that  a  woman was here, shielding  herself and possibly  children behind her from unwanted visitors.   CLICK ON PHOTO TO MAGNIFY IMAGE


2 photos  taken in succession down into the  basement. 1) strange lights that seem  to be floating 

2)next photo the lights are moving


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