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Unicorn  Meadow Farm, Suffield, CT

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Members of the CT Skull & Spirit Paranormal  Team were invited to perform an evening investigation on the  property at the Unicorn Meadow  Farm  & Wellness Center in Suffield CT.  On this night, Mike, Margaurite, Donna and Lois were guided through the property by resident, Nancy  Allen. The land has a Native American history as well as that of  various spirit energies and activities.   We walked the trail with Nancy, exploring a number of areas and experiencing a variety of those energies.


Below are two clips from the video and audio recorded during the investigation, highlighting some of the phenomena experienced.  A copy of the full  investigation video was presented to Jackie and Nancy to view and share.

The team has been invited to return at a future date (TBD), to perform a full investigation of the farm house itself and then will do a free presentation to be scheduled at Unicorn Meadow Farm, to share our experience. - Please stay tuned  -  and check the Unicorn Meadow Farm website for the dates and reserved seating once scheduled. 

We are shooting for dates in upcoming 2021.

Rem Pod2 (2).jpg

REM Pod (Radiating Electro Magneticity) device  radiates on  EM( electromagnetic  field.  Distortion of  that field can occur when spirit  energy enters  that field and makes contact. The various color lights will be lit  based on the proximity of that spirit energy.  Green being farthest away from the device, followed by yellow, blue, red and purple  being the  closest.

Ghostly  Mist

Drumming"trigger"object  &  rem pod

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