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Margaurite, Donna, Tabitha and Jess are recording a ghost box session in the basement at the Shanley.  We were told this part of the basement was a makeshift morgue at one time, during cold weather. We ask the spirit/s present, what is your name? They believe they hear a response that answers "Steve".

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We ask the spirit who identified himself as "Steve" did they have your body in here?" We believe we hear him respond "They did."

They did
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Are you telling us you're not at peace?

Response - "Yes" then the voice says "Hello"

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Shanley Hotel Basement

Ghost Box Session

Donna says "if you have something to tell us, we're listening. Voice responds "Focus" and then "Listen"

Focus... Listen..
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Margaurite asks do you want us to stay? Do you want to talk to me? Response says "Margaurite"

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"We have friends in the other room who would like to come in and talk to you" and Donna asks

"Do you want to let them come in?"   A voice responds "Sure".

The "Ghost Box" can be used to communicate with spirits. The ghost box also known as "spirit box" or "Frank's box" is an AM/FM radio that has been modified by removing an internal pin and then allows the radio to continuously scan radio frequencies. It is believed that spirits can use the white noise and frequencies to communicate.

This  photo shows  the  original "hack shack" version of the Spirit Box that was used.    

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The ghost box can be used for EVPs, as they can be recorded, then analyzed for messages from spirits. Spirit voices can be heard audibly through either an external speaker or headset and responses from the other side can be heard and responded to live – kind of like chatting with someone by walkie-talkie. It will require the user, to train his/her ear to be able to hear any messages coming through, as the noise and bits of audio can at times, be somewhat distracting. With use and practice, the audio sound bites and white noise will begin to be manipulated to form answers to questions, phrases.

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