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Historical Gettysburg, PA

May 9 - May 12th CSSP Team: Mike Cahill, Donna St. Jean, Margaurite Carter, Paul Guilbert and special guest Rich Tillona; a Gettysburg reenactor from Windsor CT "acting" as the team's personal tour guide, visited the battle fields and memorials of Gettysburg PA.

A very special thanks to Rich Tillona for sharing his extensive knowledge, experiences and his great sense of humor with our CT Skull & Spirit Paranormal team. Thank you Rich!

Sachs Bridg-Gettysburg PA

The Sachs Covered Bridge was built around 1854. On July 1, 1863, the bridge was crossed by the two brigades of the I Corps of the Union Army heading towards Gettysburg. The III Corps also crossed the bridge heading to the Black Horse Tavern. Four days later, the majority of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia retreated over the bridge after the Union victory in the Battle of Gettysburg.

The area known as the Wheatfield had three geographic features, all owned by the John Rose family: the 20 acre (8 ha) field itself, Rose Woods bordering it on the west, and a modest elevation known as Stony Hill, also to the west. Immediately to the southeast was Houck's Ridge and to the south Devil's Den. The fighting here, consisting of numerous confusing attacks and counterattacks over two hours by eleven brigades, earned the field the nickname "Bloody Wheatfield.

Ghostly Images from the Bloody Wheatfield

Rich Tillona - Gettysburg Reenactor

Ghost Horse ???

The team's two sensitive investigators heard and felt a movement in the distance of the field at the same moment and took several photos in sequence.

Margaurite felt the presence at that time was that of a horse.

Note, the energy orb also captured in this area.

Ghost Horse?

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