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Samuel Arnold November 10th, 1777

Westfield Massachusetts

This cemetery is one of the oldest in the US. It was established on April 27, 1668. Nearly 100 soldiers of the American Revolution are buried here. A number of very unique epitaphs are inscribed on the monuments through-out. CT Skull and Spirit Paranormal were asked to investigate the cemetery with Donna St. Jean, resident of Westfield and friend of a team member. Donna has on more than one occasion felt there was spirit activity in The Old Burying Ground and not always of a peaceful nature. Team members Margaurite Carter, Mike Cahill and Kim Shultz, participated in the investigation with Donna St. Jean.

Walking through the darkened cemetery, Margaurite detects a spirit is communicating " I am Bill, come here". She tells everyone about her impression, as Kim is checking headstones with her flashlight on the opposite side of the stones and discovers she is standing in front of "William Noble's" gravestone. Is this Bill?

During the investigation all of us, at one point or another, were drawn to this headstone. Donna St. Jean on previous visits to the cemetery, including on this day, experienced a sick feeling and severe headache near this spot. The brand new batteries in Margaurite's camera were drained. Ironically it would have been Samuel Arnold's "235th" birthday on this date of November 10th.

Where is your headstone?

A spirit reaches out to Margaurite, one of the CSSP team "sensitives" as she tries to find the location of the grave and headstone. She heads over by the huge tree and captures an odd EVP.

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