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Shanley Hotel - EVPS

This first floor bathroom was apparently a "hot-spot" of spirit activity. This was especially true for any of the ladies, feeling that they were not alone in this bathroom. It also appears that we may have captured some spirit energy -" orbs", in this photo. It is also believed that one of several vortexes, that exist in the Shanley Hotel, is in this bathroom.

The Well's History and EVPs

Donna captured a number of EVPs during her overnight stay. The following are the EVP audio clips that were captured by Donna, just using a voice recorder, as equipment.

1)Saturday morning around 10 am, on May 21. 2011 - Donna goes out to the covered well, by herself, feeling drawn to the location. The covered well is just across from the Shanley Hotel. The history on the well is that the hotel barber suffered a great loss when his four year old daughter, Rosie, fell into the well on the nearby, Hoonbeck farm and drowned. According to actual newspaper documents, the child supposedly lifted up the lid of the well and fell head first into the spring. Her body was found two hours later, as recorded in the Middletown Daily Times of May 31 1911.

The covered well is indicated by the arrow

Little Rosie

Is there anybody here?

Donna Shanley by the well 2
Donna Shanley by the well 1

Donna approaches the well a as a  voice seems to call out out

Can you tell me who is here?

Donna Can you tell me whose here 7
Donna Shanley by the well 4

Is there anybody here who wants to talk?

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