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Aspen Grove Cemetery

Ware, MA


EVP - "we're dead - shot"

Civil War Company DWe're Dead. SHOT
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The two team "sensitives" are drawn to headstones in this area. Getting the impressions that someone in the military, who is looking for his wife, was possibly shot in the head. As the team gathers to inspect the headstone and try to read the inscription. They note it is indeed military, Company D, 42nd Division , Infantry from the Civil War.

As you hear Mike say "company D" reading the headstone, a disembodied voice chimes in "We're Dead".  "Shot"

Aspen Grove has three unique grave sites, 1) Aurthur '' Candy'' Cummings a Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher who it is said invented the curve-ball.

2) Mr. George Gilbert, who had owned the textile mill in town and later built the ones in present day Gilbertville bearing his name. A huge 30 foot obelisk, marks his gave located in the western most section of the cemetary.

3) An unknown confederate soldier whom is said to either attempted to blow up the Springfield Armory and was killed in the attempt or may have simply been a deserter.

Here is an interesting and little known fact; the ''Devils Pitt'' as it is often referred to, was actually an old crypt that was broken into in the late 1960's early 1970's by teenagers who had thought that the bodies were entombed still wearing jewelry. Supposedly when the groundskeeper came in the following morning and saw the desecration, the decision was made to rebury the bodies in a different location and destroy the crypt.


Here is one of the paranormal claims..........

Seen is a ghost of a man (thought to be a former Police Chief) sitting on a large rock on the back side of Snow's Pond. {Fact: The body of a dead baby was found in a hat box by this rock, in the early 1940's } Rumored at the time, was that the daughter of then Chief of police was the mother. Her fiancé had been away fighting in WWll for two years and she had been having a affair. To avoid scandal, she dumped the baby's body here with possibly the assistance of her father. Guilt-ridden for his part in the cover up of this hideous crime and unable to forgive himself, he is not and rest and remains in the cemetery at this spot.

Aspen Street itself is reportedly haunted. Three known haunted houses, are now abandoned . Aspen Streets famous residents included Samuel Colt (Colt firearms), Shamus Culhane, director of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Ruth Baker Pratt, one of the first female U. S. Congresswomen who's father Edwin ran a store at 9 Aspen Street.

Where did you die? - EVP responds, but we are unable to determine what is said

Where did you die?
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William's Headstone

Margaurite keeps hearing the  name "William"  over  and  over, as if  a spirit is trying to get  someone's  attention.  We  walk  along the  headstones directly in front of us in the dark and one of our flashlights catches the  name on headstone near by.   We found William.

Finding William

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