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Leffingwell Inn -Norwich, CT

The Leffingwell House Museum is a historic inn in the Norwichtown section of Norwich, Connecticut. Construction history dating to 1675, it is one of Connecticut's oldest buildings.  It was an important meeting place during the American Revolutionary War

Upon arrival before exiting our vehicle Lois asked Margaurite if she was picking up any impressions from the location.  Margaurite had a sense of male spirit energy in a room far left  corner (indicated by arrow).  He  was  wearing suit or uniform, leaning against a wall with his head bowed and hat in his hands across his chest, as if in prayer or at a funeral wake.

Although we did not capture any audio EVPs during this investigation, we did receive some psychic impressions and possibly some results with our SLS camera and REM pod. Below are two brief video clips from an upstairs bedroom (REM pod)and the downstairs sitting room (SLS camera).


The two 2 minute video clips below were captured on a bodycam.  This was a test using the team's newly built  SLS Kinect camera.  We had technical issues as we worked with this type of equipment for the first  time.  We were however, able to record a bit of how the camera functions.  It's software maps human form and is shown by "stick figures". It  is believed  to be able to capture  spirit entities in motion, unseen by the eye.

We had several figures appear  across  the room and seem to sit in the  chairs before disappearing.


On January 25, 2020 the CSSP team (Mike Cahill, Margaurite Carter, Lois LaBreque and Seth Dunavant investigated the Leffingwell. The CSSP team would like to thank Chad Saunders and Dave Phillips from Arrowhead Paranormal for arranging the investigation.  Chad and Dave are awesome fellow investigators and they are  also Docents of  the  Leffingwell Museum. and were onsite during this investigation.

We look forward to returning to the Leffingwell at a future date and an opportunity to work with the Arrowhead Paranormal team.

UPDATE NOTE: Margaurite & Seth have rebuilt the SLS camera set up to be completely portable and will now record video directly to it's tablet so it can be used successfully on future investigations.  GO TEAM !

The other room that we felt had any type of spirit energy/activity was an upstairs bedroom where we placed a REM pod in the middle of the bed.  Unfortunately the video is very dark and as the spirit present interacted with the device, it seemed to only do so at will and not respond to our requests.  There  was definitely some intelligent and controlling presence there.

Rem Pod2 (2).jpg
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