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CT Skull and Spirit Paranormal are an experienced, professional and non- profit team of investigators. There is never any charge or fee for our investigations or related services.

We take our investigative work in the paranormal field seriously. We approach each case with open-mindedness, confidentiality and respect for our clients. If you are considering

contacting us, please be advised that  while we welcome your genuine inquiries regarding the paranormal activity you are experiencing and the opportunity to provide answers, assistance and support to you and your family, the CSSP team reserves the right to decline any reported paranormal cases and may decline to respond to messages that after our

careful consideration and discretion that are determined to be false in nature. We dedicate our time and devote our efforts, in assisting clients who are truly experiencing the paranormal and sincerely are seeking our help.  


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The below contact form is for potential investigations/clients ONLY

Please Do not submit any information regarding sales, books, literature, advertisements or web development inquiries or offers.

We are a non-profit team.

For paranormal assistance, please provide brief detail in the message area and we will review your information and respond via email.

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