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CT - Naugatuck Valley Farmhouse aka "HELL HOUSE" Investigation with Dan Rivera & the OLD School Paranormal Team

Feb. 4, 2012

"Creepy feeling"

We are walking up the stairs to the 2nd floor and Margaurite gets the chills and says "I'm getting that creepy feeling". You hear the stairs creaking as we walk up, but as she says "creepy feeling" listen to the voice that is screaming what sounds like  "get out of here!"

Creepy feeling EVP3Staircase
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We gave the audio clip to an associate, Justin, who used his talents to run the audio through a spectrum analyzer and we were amazed to find that the audio produced an image, which appears to be a skull! 

Margaurite enters a small bedroom upstairs with Mike and Chris G. following behind her.  She feels a spirit is trying to tell her about "something red" then a voice very close to her recorder whispers something. We were not  able to determine  what it  was telling us.

Something red EVP2Small Bedroom
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The  actual haunting of  this  house was highlighted in an episode  of "A Haunting" featured  on The Discovery  channel  entitled "Hell  House."   The family who occupied the home had  called  in Ed  & Lorraine Warren due to  the  frightening  paranormal activity threatening  the family.  There were several property "exorcisms" performed to clear the home, as well an exorcism on a member of the  Warren's team.

When our investigation  took place, the house had a new owner after being empty and abandoned for about  10 years.   We  were  asked  to  investigate  prior  to remodeling  taking   place.  There was no electricity and the house had been broken into and  vandalized.  

We experienced EMF readings on  our  MEL  and K2 meters where  there was  no electricity and  no  other electronics in range without a scientific explanation.

The personal  experiences  of  the "sensitive" member of the  team led  to the  conclusion that whatever  demonic presence that had once infested the farm house possibly lay dormant for many years, but  definitely had not gone from this location and  still seemed to continue to trap some of the human spirits of  past owners,  who for some reason had not crossed over upon  their  deaths.


During the daytime a walk-through of the house was done with Chris  G., Mike Cahill and Margaurite.  As they entered the living room, Margaurite felt negative energy emanating from the corner of  the room where fieldstone marked an area, where  a wood stove must have been.  Margaurite thought she heard a hissing sound from that corner.

She asks "is there anybody in this room" and gets no response.

She challenges the unseen entity

 "I know you're here!" and gets this response not audible at the time, but something is captured on the voice recorder at playback.  Though it's difficult to make out, it sounds like  a warning of "get out."

I know you're hereLiving room
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Note: Our investigative teams had owner's permission for entry and access this location. Remember to always get the appropriate permissions from property owners and/or the local Police Dept. when entering a property, even if it is unoccupied. Do not illegally trespass on private property, as this will reflect negatively on your investigative team's reputation and not to mention, you could be arrested.

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